Relax in the Tub Gift Set

Relax in the Tub Gift Set


This set makes a PERFECT gift for you or someone you love!  Each unique tub is filled with goodies for your bathtub, then wrapped up and ready for gifting... just choose your size, color, unique scents, and you are ready to go!


Small tub (pictured in mint) includes:

 - 2 1.5oz bath salts

 - 2 .25oz body oils


Large tub (pictured in white) includes:

 - 1 4oz bath salts

 - 1 1oz body oil

 - 2 1.5oz bath salts

 - 2 .25oz body oils




This combination of some of the world's purest salts and organic essential oils will lift your spirits. Just add your desired amount to a warm bath, soak and relax.  



Hydrating oils for both, body and scalp with unique scents that restore moisture and soften your skin.  This oil is excellent as an all-over body, massage and scalp oil.  For bath, add a few drops into the water before you step in. 



Organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, Vitamin E oil and organic essential oils.