Beard Care Combo

Beard Care Combo


This combo pack includes our Beard Oil and Beard Balm; all that you need to care for your beard!


Our all natural, organic beard oil will soften your facial hair, as well as moisturize the skin, reduce itching and create the conditions for healthy growth and smoother beard trimming.


After you wash, while your beard is still a bit damp, is the best time to use a beard oil. Normally a few drops will do; use your hands to work the oil into your hair and into the skin beneath. Not only will the beard oil hydrate your beard right down to the follicle, it will also leave your beard smelling good.



Our all natural, organic oils and organic beeswax provide deep conditioning and mild hold for beards of all types and lengths. This balm will moisturize your beard, provide hold for style and make your beard look thicker.


Use the enclosed guitar pick to scrape out a small amount (no bigger than a dime), rub between your fingers, then run your fingers through your facial hair.

Raven & Fin.  The RAVEN is the harbinger of renewal and reflection. The Swedish use FIN to define that of superior quality.

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