About Us

At Raven & Fin we believe you should be able to read the ingredients you use and that great products are for everyone.

Several years ago we starting paying more attention to what went into the name brand lotions, balms and soaps that we had been using. Most of the ingredients were actually more harmful than beneficial. Switching to all natural and organic products was better, but our wallets were draining quickly. It was then that we starting making our own.


We use the highest quality all natural ingredients in our products so that you can enjoy all of the benefits available. We work hard to keep our costs low so that everyone can enjoy organic bath and beauty products without draining their wallets.

We are a family run business that enjoys each other as much as we enjoy what we do!

~ Adrian, Christi, Lexia, Caleb & Bea

Raven & Fin.  The RAVEN is the harbinger of renewal and reflection. The Swedish use FIN to define that of superior quality.

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